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Friday, March 18th

It’s time for the weekend update.. NOICE 

Yea, we got content.

Some interesting smaller films that probably should have gone straight to a streamer are coming to the theaters to get lost in the shadow of the Bat. The Outfit a period gangster piece set a mysterious tailor’s shop, could be kinda cool and a horror flick called X, which apparently has some outrageous kills.

Netflix is giving us another thriller, called Windfall, with some Jesse Plemons and Marshall from HIMYM as the bad guy. Also, if you like Big Mouth, the spin-off series drops this weekend call Human Resources.

Hulu is getting in on the thriller game with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. It’s based on a book and pre-pandemic and pre-Disney Fox merger. This one would be at the theater, but now it’s straight to Hulu. Also, they have Amy Schumer’s new series Life and Beth. Which if you are an Amy fan, this one seems right in her typical wheel house.

Disney Plus is giving us families another version of Cheaper by the Dozen and they added the whole Netflix Marvel catalogue, which also prompts a new set of menus when you login to filter their content for the little ones.

Amazon Prime has a Jordan Peele like horror-social commentary called Master. Reviews are decent, but I probably will not get around to watching it.

And honestly, probably will not get around to watching most of these.

Enjoy your weekend and let’s hope we get our first point this weekend!! GO Charlotte FC!!! 

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