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Friday, March 25th

Squeezing this and hope I don't get in trouble! But I had to keep my loyal 6 readers happy.. 7? Too High? 

This is a quick weekend update, because there is not much coming out. It's like as if one streaming program sucked the life out of the rest of the programming. Kinda like a big budget movie does at the box office. It seems like the second season of Bridgeton has that effect. Maybe it's the second weekend of the NCAA Tourney, but beside the aforementioned Shonda juggernaut, the only other big streaming release is a long await Halo TV Shows.

I watch the first 20 mins of last night, but like MANY others it was plague with buffering and stream issues. Paramount Plus has spent a TON of money on content and nothing on servers. Plus they also decided to drop their biggest TV show ever, on the same night as the NCAA tourney, which they stream, and the USA vs Mexico WC qualifier. Just seems like poor planning.

The Lost City is new in theaters and I hope this does well, because its the type of movie I love, and more of these guys need to get made. An quasi-remake of Romancing the Stone, with a good bit of 21 Jump Street Himbo tounge and cheek humor and genre jokes.

Anyway LETS GO CHARLOTTE FC and go see The Lost City!!!! 

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