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Friday, March 4th

So I have already spent enough time on the Bats this week, so I am here to let you know WHAT else is out there this weekend.

Alright, there is a lot, so going to barrel through these. I don’t even have time to cover three new Netflix shows and two new Hulu movies I know NOTHING about.

So Let’s go! 

HBO Max:

Flags of Something - a comedy about Pirates, looks somewhat entertaining, first 3 episodes are available.

West Side Story - the critically acclaimed new version is also on Disney Plus

The Latest Fast and Furious is also now on out, worth a stream to see if you can spot KP hang out a window in Glasgow trying to ruin their shots.

On Sunday, Winning Time - the story of the Lakers in the 80s and I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ONE.


The Dropout, the weird and wild story of Elizabeth Holmes.


The Invisible Thread, plus those three or four forgettable TV shows.

For Purchase or Rent: 

Scream! The new one, high on my list to watch this weekend as well.

Plus, I think PTA new film Licorice Pizza is now on Amazon Prime, but I could not access it. I just see the promos when I start the Fire TV 

However the BIG EVENT this weekend is going to be biggest soccer game ever in the MLS*

So everyone come out decked in your black and blue.

*based on attendance

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