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Friday, May 12th

Busy weekend.. and just a busy time of year.. so ENJOY IT ALL.

Saw Guardians last weekend, it was F-ing great. Check it out.

This weekend the content has a very Ben Affleck vibe.. new movie in theaters, AIR on prime, and JLo doing a Liam Neeson revenge flick on Netflix.

But here's what I have got coming out this weekend..

In theaters, the movie "Hypnotic" is currently playing, offering a thrilling cinematic experience.

On Netflix, you can enjoy a range of new releases including "The Mother," "A Man Called Otto," and the series "Mulligan."

Hulu features the movie "Bar Fight" and the FX series "Class of '09," both of which provide engaging entertainment.

Apple TV brings the premiere of "City on Fire," an exciting new season that is sure to captivate audiences.

Amazon Prime presents the film "AIR," offering an intriguing storyline to immerse yourself in.

For Disney Plus subscribers, the recently released film "Crater" awaits, promising a delightful adventure for viewers of all ages.

Thanks and until next week, or I decided to release my latest tee shirt.. enjoy the weekend!!

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