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Friday, November 11th

It's the weekend of the Panther, as Wakanda Forever drops today! 

I will be checking it out on Monday, took a PTO day and everything.

This weekend we will be having our house warming party!! So if you're in the neighborhood at 4pm on Saturday drop by!!

Lohan is back!! And I love the idea of the new show.. Lets remake Overboard.. We arleady did that.. No replace the water with snow, and set it during Christmas! GREEN LIGHT!! 

If you haven't watched Andor, please please do it.. you do not have to wait till episode 9 for a pay off, they are nice 3 episode arcs and the "Big" episodes are worth it. SOO worth it.

For the kids there is also a six new Zootopia shorts which look like alot of fun.

Enjoy the weekend and the rain! 

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