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Friday, November 18th

I can’t believe it’s nearly Thanksgiving! But on the bright side of the year flying by, is that we have TONS of new Holiday content.

I am not even going to touch on the fact that Peacock has every Hallmark movie available, plus a bunch of new ones.

Alright here is a top 5 of things to watch this weekend! (All new or came out this week..) 

Honorable Mentions: The Menu, a funky horror / cooking movie in theaters. Tulsa King is a corny mob show that thinks it’s in the 90s but set today.. it’s corny but watchable. The People We Hate at the Wedding. I am guessing it’s a Rom-Com-ish new movie on Amazon Prime.

  1. Spirited another Scrooge tale on Apple TV. The last trailer got me interested in a seemingly different take on the material.
  2. A Christmas Story Christmas - The sequel to the most loved or hated Christmas movie on HBO Max.
  3. Slumberland - A big budget-ish Netflix movie starring Aquaman and a little girl with a crazy imagination.
  4. Santa Claus is back! Tim Allen in a new series on Disney plus, these movies are part of my childhood so yes I will totally watch this show.
  5. Disenchanted - the sequel to Enchanted.

That’s all I have got, enjoy the weekend, loads of projects on deck for me! 

Oh, and the World Cup is starting!!!!!! Full preview is coming soon! 

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