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Friday, October 14th

The Weekend Update is back, in listicle form.

Best or Maybe just five things you might should watch this weekend.

  1. Halloween Ends - I enjoyed the first, slept through the second one, but I kinda want to see how it ends.. At the movies AND on Peacock.
  2. The Watcher, a new thriller on Netflix looks interesting.. Also last week's big show, The Midnight Club looks pretty good as well.
  3. Looking for more scares, check out Hellraiser remake on Hulu
  4. The She Hulk finale is bonkers and tons of fun, while apparently the latests episode of Andor is the best yet.
  5. Avenue 5, which is VEEP like in space, returns for a second season, is worth checking out as well.

There you some content.

Long list of projects for me..

Installing a Dishwasher

Hanging TVs

Ripping out some rotten drywall and doing some painting.

If we have time, installing the new mailbox and putting up a temporary fence so T-Bonez doesn't run free.


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