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Friday, September 16th

Dads.. its a tough thank less job. But just wanted to tell mine thank you for everything! Love you and Happy Birthday!  The man left the country just in case I forgot it.. but I didn't! 

Meanwhile, Ox man is out of school today, so he and I have a BIG day planned.

Meanwhile, even thought I missed yesterday I am still gonna try for a board every working day for the month, Friday's are easy.. Just tell you what I am thinking about watching.

  1. See How they Run, any murder mystery I am in.. 1000%, however it might be tough to hit the movie theater for this one.
  2. I used to be Famous on Netflix doesn't look terrible
  3. New season of Atlanta premieres, which I guess I should watch cause apparently its great.

Man it's light out there, enjoy the family and the changing weather and I guess watch college football or soccer.. last weekend before international break! 


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