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Monday, December 19th


We had our “First” Christmas, which was great Ox and I scored big time! But the story of my weekend was epic content..

First, Avatar, I haven’t been that engaged, amazed, or just flat out entertain in a movie theater is long, long time. It reminded me why you go. It just feels and hits differently. Sure it’s a little long, but there never was a time when I was bored or didn’t have something beautiful to look at. Also, I have no shame in admitting it was “two cry” movie for me.. LOVED IT and dragging the wife back this week.. IMAX 3-D is the way to go.

Then on Friday I put on The Recruit on Netflix as a background entertainment, end up staying up till about 1 and nearly finishing the first season, a fun popcorn show that builds tension and drama without over long action scenes.. Really enjoyed it, sure its. fair from perfect and will totally forget about it once it’s over, but it scratches a great itch.

And finally Sunday, the World Cup Final. On the world’s biggest stage, two titans gave a performance for the ages. It had everything! It was a breathless and I have no problem saying, the best sporting event of my lifetime.

The best player ever and the player who's going to break all his records going toe to toe for 120 mins. Epic plays and end to end action, you really could not have asked for more. Rarely do finals EVER live up to the hype, but good god, this one did and then some.

Enjoy the last week before Christmas.. I might be back..

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