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Monday, January 24th

There is pretty much only one thing to talk about today.. and that is America’s Past Time.. Football! 

I will be honest, besides fantasy, I have had limited interest in or interaction with the NFL this year, but the endings of these four games were just epic. While some games might not have been entertaining throughout, they all crushed the ending. Great movies have great endings, and with all four games ending with walk off plays, they all did just that.

While social media can be extremely toxic and is probably terrible for us, like cigarettes, in the 60s, these are the moments that make it great. They allow you to feel connected to everyone during these cultural moments. Even if you are watching the game alone in your garage.

Some thoughts...

I am so excited we get to see an alternative time line version of what would have happened if the Panthers would have surrounded Cam with talent and better coaching. Because watching Josh Allen play yesterday was nearly the same as watching Cam in his prime. I am praying he doesn’t take the punishment Cam did and has a long successful career.

Next weekends Championship games are bound to a letdown. There’s no way they can live up to this standard? Right?

I grew up a Bills fan, and was ready to jump back on the bandwagon, but then I remember all the pain in 13 seconds. Losing 4 Super Bowls in a row and all the tears that came with it. Say what you will about Minnesota or Cleveland, but there is no more tortured fan base than the Bills.

“When things are grim, be the Grim Reaper. “

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