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Monday, January 31st

Good weekend.. Got out of the house! 

Went to Counter and it was epic. It’s a truly unique dining experience. Besides the fantastic food and drink, the best part is its devoid of the bad service risk. No matter how great a restaurant is, there is always the risk of getting a good server on an awful night or just an apathetic one. Notice I never said bad, because I have worked in the industry and you never know what is going with the people that serve your food. It’s the benefit of only having two seatings a night for 15 or 20 people. The service is always perfect.

One side story, well, two. The first amazed me, for the course they turned off most of the lights in the place, including those in the kitchen (not pitch black, with some ambient light) and the staff of four was still in unison meticulous plating the next course in the dark. It was an incredible choreographed art, all while having limited light. Just so cool to watch.

The second, they damn made a candle out of A-5 Wagyu fat.. it was just sitting there through the entire meal, then when it’s mostly liquid, they asked you to blow out the candle, and dip your bread in it. Fantastic twist..

Best thing I watched all weekend, The Afterparty. It’s fantastic. Comedy Murder Mystery, which is my current favorite genre, and then they add EACH episode being made like a different movie genre! Because every one tells a story in their own style. So fun.

Enjoy the week! 

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