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Monday, June 6th

I took a week off to re-charge the old, daily board batteries..

No, that is a lie. I totallyspaced. Got wrapped up in other projects and just didn't make the time toupdate the Daily board. No excuses, my loyal fans desire better. Because theymight be few, but they are vocal.

I finished Part 1 of Stranger Things,and I have to say they did a solid job with a fun twist and bring everythingtogether. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I still think theyneeded a bigger time jump, as all the kids look like seniors instead of freshman.That and I have little shame in admitting, I solved the problem of the episodesbeing too long, by just fast forwarding through all the Hopper in Russia andthe random side quest of Ryder and that annoying guy in the Russian wilderness.Seems frivolous.

Family movie night wasThor: Ragnarok, and it's still my favorite or second favorite Marvelmovie, just breezes along and has a good time throughout. Some minor questions,but damn it's a-lot of fun and it got me sooo hyped for the new coming out nextmonth!!!!

Alright, I promise to be betterthis week.


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