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Monday, March 28th

Vacation is fun, but I hate coming home and then feeling like you need another day off just to catch up on everything else in life. Or maybe it’s just extra recovery time you need from, you know, over eating and constant vacation activities.

You need to plan and scheduled that extra day off (if you can) to make recover and relax. Unless your vacation is all relaxing. But any vacation with a toddler is not relaxing. It’s non-stop go.

I watched nothing this weekend. And of course the one year I DON’T watch the Oscars, we get the meme to end all memes. And about 55 think pieces written by people who are way smarter than me or not, but just like to read WAY more into something they probably know ABSOLUTELY nothing about.

Meanwhile, the US soccer team (pretty much) booked their ticket to Qatar for the World Cup, which is a big deal, seeing as we missed in 2018 and Italy was just dumped out of qualifying by North Macedonia! 

Enjoy your Monday. Sorry for my random smattering of topics today. My brain is un-focused! 

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