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Monday, March 7th

Man, what a weekend. Have a feeling Ox man planted the seeds of sickness on Thursday or Friday and then my Saturday did nothing to but water those seeds to bloom into a full on nasty head cold today.

That being said, it was totally worth it! 

It was a fantastic experience and while the result didn’t go our way; it was a great opener. Hopefully, the results will follow, but right now it’s all about building a bond with the city and the fans. And anyone that can tell you, this was a MASSIVE party Saturday night and was awesome! 

The other highlight of the weekend, none sports related, was probably finally watching the new Scream. I just enjoy these movies sooo much. I can’t help it. This was the most meta one yet, and no spoilers just a really fun who-dunit. Which they even say IN THE MOVIE.. Stab movies in their hearts are just bloody who-dun-its. I think there were so more explicative’s in there, but all the same still tons of fun and pretty clever.

Sure, there were more things to talk about, but feeling ragged today. So enjoy this Monday! 

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