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Monday, September 12th

We sold our house.. kinda sad.. but kind of happy, exciting.. everything all at once..

It is what it is, what it will be..

So finally watched Top Gun Maverick, and I still love the movie, but I am now it TOTAL belief of the random fan theory floating around on the internet.

Maverick is dead. He dies at the beginning of the movie. He was flying at Mach 10, probably around 70,000 feet, when the plane explodes.

What follows is him in purgatory. But a happy purgatory, where he must let go of his guilt before he can pass on. He does that over the course of the film and then flies into the afterlife with the love of his life. They showed this by the relic of P-51 or something flying into the literal sunset.

The nameless enemy and impossible mission that only he can fly are figments of his imagination as he finally deals with Goose’s passing. Even all the characters are echos of the pilots he flew with in Top Gun.

Just saying, it makes for an interesting layer to the movie..

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