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Thursday, April 28th

It’s Draft Day! 

Not the comically unrealistic Kevin Costner movie, but the actual NFL draft. Panthers because they are not very good, have pretty top pick this year and will be interesting to see which direction they go. However, we were just good enough to probably miss out on the top 2 Tackles, so that stinks.

Last Draft thing.. one of those aforementioned tackles is actually a kid from Charlotte and my alum-mater NC State. Ikem Ekwonu. Love this kid and MIGHT be back on board with the Panthers if he’s there and we pick him. Although if pass on him, I am on the record saying I AM TOTALLY OUT.

The Offer about the making of the Godfather streams today on Paramount and I am really excited about this new show. Just started reading a brilliant book about it as well, so I am in a mood.

ENJOY your Thursday! 

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