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Thursday, January 19th

I have been thinking about this post for a while. I started putting a list together in mid-December and kept remember more and more.

I always try to do Best of the year list for everything I watched. However, I decided I wanted to make it different and not WHOLE pieces of content, but just my favorite 10 scenes from ANYTHING I have watched this year.

A few notes to start. There are some shows and movies that I LOVED, however, in reflection, I couldn’t think of one particular scene or moment that stood out. Basically, I wanted to highlight the moments that brought the most joy, sorrow, pain, excitement, or all the above into my life this past year. You know the ones where I your like.. F-ing hell, that’s awesome, or I couldn’t stop laughing.

While I loved Only Murders in the Building, The Afterparty, and The Peacemaker, I couldn’t think of a particular scene or sequence that jumped out.  The same goes for the following movies: Apollo 11 1/2, which just made me happy, like a cozy warm blanket. Black Panther 2, The Fabelmans, and Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers. I would totally have each of these movies in a traditional top 10, but not this list..

Also, a show or movie could have multiple scenes. (SPOILERS AS WELL..) 

I will break this up into three parts, because the more I thought about it, the more scenes I had to include. For today, honorable mentions..

The Glass Onion, Benoit, ruins the weekend by correctly predicting the answer to the murder mystery, right as it begins. Points for being clever, bashing Gone Girl creator Gillian Flynn, and setting up the rest of the movie brilliantly.

SheHulk steps out of the frame and into the Disney Plus app, meets K.E.V.I.N along the way. The show was a blast, and I loved the ending and how they went FULL meta. Seemed like they were going to give us just another generic battle scene and flipped the script. So much fun.

Stranger Things, Master of Puppets Guitar Solo - The final-ish battle in the latest season of ST kicks off with an epic musical number and just rocks.

Alright tomorrow, there is not much NEW, so I will give you the first 5 in the Top 10!!! I know everyone can’t f-ing wait!!!

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