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Thursday, January 5th

Happy New Year!!! 

This is the third year of my what started as my lock down Covid project. Look at how far we have come! 

Posted some stats over the break, which could have been under-counted... It’s tough to get every take out and movie I watch, so let’s call those numbers estimates.

I am not really a New Year’s Resolutions guy, but more of a set of goals for the year type person. In years past (only started this in 2020 or maybe 2019, they were vague and generic, WRITE MORE, Finish something... build X website. And while they were more or less helpful, they didn’t provide a ton of structure, so this year I broke them down my quarter. Now I feel like I have a plan of attack, small steps that build toward something grander. So we will see how this goes!

Want to wish Momma Dukes a speedy recovery. Broken leg is rough! But she’s tough! 

Till tomorrow.. adieu

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