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Thursday, June 22nd

I post this as a joke, but that does not mean I do not understand the tragedy that fell upon those 5 souls lost on the OceanGate Sub..

I do feel for their friends and family, it's a horrible way to go and I am truly truly sorry..

With that being said.. I thought it would be funny to have Chat GPT write a column as if Carrie Bradshaw was dragged along with Mr. Big on what they thought was a once in a lifetime vacation..

Heres the results..

Lost in the Depths: A Titanic Mistake with Mr. Big

Hello, my fabulous readers! Today, I have a story for you that goes beyond anything I could have ever imagined—Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big, together in the OceanGate Titanic submarine that has mysteriously gone missing!

Yes, you heard it right. Imagine my surprise when I found myself embarking on this underwater adventure with none other than the charming and enigmatic Mr. Big. It seems fate has a way of weaving unexpected narratives, and this time, it has plunged us into uncharted depths.

So, let me set the stage for you, dear readers. The OceanGate Titanic submarine, a vessel designed to explore the legendary Titanic wreckage, became the stage for our extraordinary journey. With Mr. Big by my side, we dove into the dark abyss, seeking to uncover the secrets that lay hidden beneath the ocean's surface.

As we descended further into the depths, the anticipation mingled with a sense of adventure and, if I'm being honest, a touch of trepidation. The submarine's interior was a blend of opulence and technological marvel, much like the man sitting beside me. I couldn't help but steal glances at Mr. Big, wondering what mysteries this underwater voyage would unravel.

However, our story takes a sudden twist. Somewhere along the way, the connection to the outside world vanished. Our communication with the surface was lost, leaving us marooned in the silent abyss. The only sound that accompanies us is the gentle hum of the submarine's systems and the beating of our own hearts.

Yet, my dear readers, do not despair. With Mr. Big at my side, I find solace in his unwavering presence and calm demeanor. In this unexpected predicament, our connection grows stronger, and we lean on each other for support and companionship. There's something about being thrust into a situation beyond our control that heightens the emotions and deepens the bond between two souls.

In the confined space of the submarine, we share stories, dreams, and hopes for the future. We laugh, we argue, and we explore the depths of our own relationship as we navigate the mysterious waters. There's a rawness to our interactions, an honesty that can only arise when you're stripped of the distractions of the outside world.

As I sit here, penning these words in my notebook, Mr. Big is right beside me, offering his unwavering support. Together, we embrace the uncertainty of our predicament, recognizing that in the face of adversity, love and companionship can flourish even in the most extraordinary circumstances.

So, my dear readers, keep your hearts and minds open as we become characters in this real-life underwater saga. Will rescue arrive in time to whisk us away from our submerged refuge? Or will we find ourselves forging a new path, forging a love story for the ages beneath the waves?

Stay tuned, my darlings, for the next chapter in this extraordinary escapade. And remember, true love knows no bounds, not even the depths of the ocean.

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