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Thursday, March 31st

Trivia Answers!!! They were pretty easy.. I think..

Since this was three whole days ago, I am not sure, but I'd say Ghana, Senegal, Portugal, Poland and someone else I think..

Anthony, Colin, and I always forget the middle one.. Benedict, ohh and there is a little Greg Bridgerton.

Yes the Hornets are in the Play-in game while the Lakers are not. And LeBron has left the team..

Bull and Bears are the animals associated with the Stock Market

Tom Clancy wrote The Hunt for Red October. Man I LOVE that movie.

Roshambo is also known as Paper rock scissors - I had no idea of this one.

What is the literal translation of the Greek word "Utopia"? - I believe it means No Place.. Kinda ironic, don't you think..

Enjoy your Thursday now that the rain has passed..

Trivia Answers: