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Thursday, May 19th

Busy few days for me! I can say I am an award-winning writer.. Even if it was second place. Who cares?

We had a birthday for the wife, tried a new restaurant, The Flour Shop. It was pretty good. However, it meant we were out late on a school night.

Have the Ox man’s big third birthday coming up as well. He’s already got way too much, so I do not know what to get him.

Watched The Lost City over the weekend, and while it was enjoyable, it was also totally forgettable. It’s the perfect movie to have on in the background. You can easily follow, with some outstanding actors, and everything looks nice.

Finished Winning Time, and I throughly enjoyed the entire series. I know it’s nothing like what actually happened. But they made good TV. So I watch every episode like the Fast and Furious franchise, and just disconnect from reality and enjoy the show.

Alright, I am going to do a sweet weekend update tomorrow! So I am outta here! 

Also added some new Daily Distractions.. so check those out as well! 

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