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Thursday, September 1st

New month, some new resolutions! 

Going to do a board every day this month. Let’s see how long this will last..

I was watching the TV show, Partner Track on Netflix, last night, which I have no problem admitting that I throughly enjoy, and they asked a generic question, but always feel it’s a great exercise to do periodically.

If you could do anything in the World, what would you do? 

Ponder that today. Limit it to professional aspirations. I like to think of two options.. first, pie in the sky perfect world. Then second, a more realistic version.

Pie in the sky for me is to be the billionaire owner of Atletico Madrid. Not just the owner, billionaire, so I wouldn’t have to worry about financials and could just dump money in like an oligarch. Also have some creative side hustles going on..

The realistic one is just for me..

Enjoy your Thursday!! 

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