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Thursday, September 29th

Trivia Answers!!! 

If I can remember them..

It was a moth that was inside a computer that caused the first bug..

Paddington Bear is from Peru, and if you had seen the second movie that should have been a lay-up I think.

An N must be the first letter of the registration on all non-military aircraft.

It was a dentist who was the model for the famous painting American Gothic, for you in my generation, the one that Pauly Shore copied on the cover of Son-In-Law...

In the history of human existence their have been 108 billion people who have lived on the Earth.. so Elon could give everyone 1000 dollars...

(hahaha.. People are seriously sometimes THIS bad at math on social media...) 

Glad this month is nearly over, only missed one working day! Pretty good for me, but it was a chore.. October, will sparse..

Trivia Answers: