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Tuesday, February 22nd

I will not miss another day! 

So this will certainly be some filler.

Why is it you always get your best thinking done, when you have no way to document said thinking? Some crazy ideas come to us in our dreams, yet we never remember them. I usually can process or generate entertaining story lines or figure things out when I driving in the car. But good luck trying to record or even jot those down. I end up getting to my destination and desperately trying to regurgitate what seemed so perfectly clear in the car.

I think I want to call this the Cake Conundrum, when your little, you can eat all the cake you want, but limited supply. Now, as an adult, you can literally have cake whenever you want, but your body can’t handle it.

Yes, I know that had nothing to do with the first statement or is really a conundrum, and that is the way life is. When you have all the energy in the world, you don’t have the money to do anything, etc.

Enjoy what is left of your Tuesday! 

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