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Tuesday, February 8th

Man, the water park really takes it out of you. We were all dead on Sunday, spent yesterday catching up. Great time, will certainly go back again, hopefully when the Ox man can enjoy most of it.

The lazy Sunday meant we got to burn through Reacher. It was prefect mindless TV. Can’t wait for more. I always forget about Prime and then when I watch a show on their I love it.

The Afterparty was solid, but we need more than one a week!!! 

We started The Gilded Age. And totally need more, Downton Abbey with more bit and Americans!

Finished The Woman in the window from the girl across the street? I think I got that right. It walked the line between spoof and satire perfectly. Also, 30 minute episodes are a blast! 

Anyway, I will not get into my continuing suffering fandom. It’s too depressing.

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday! 

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