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Tuesday, January 11th

So much for my Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan.

But for today we are going to have story time! 

I love my little guy, talking about Hurley, not Ox, but he’s getting old. So old that when it’s cold outside, he doesn’t like to travel very far to do his business. His little pellet turds are usually easy to see and easy to avoid. Plus, now that it’s so cold outside, they have just turned to rocks and can be swept out of the way. However, he also has become so lazy that when he pees, he doesn’t even make it off the stairs. He drops his front legs off the last step and pees in an inverted fashion. This is normally fine, because it rains or runs off.

Well, I guess last night he really had to go before bed, so apparently he relieved himself in his usual spot. Slightly bigger than the normal. Then something happened. It got REAL cold last night. Like cold enough to freeze urine.

Picture this, I am walking out to the convert garage office, coffee cup in hand, half a sleep when my foot reaches the last step. It’s worse that black ice. My left foot shoots out, coffee goes flying! Thankfully, I have the reflexes of a 20-year-old arthritic cat and my butt stops the fall on the stairs. I guess the positive is that I didn’t spill the coffee on myself.

So that’s how my day started.. what about yours? 

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