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Tuesday, July 5th

The day after...

Used to be the worst.. mostly because I was hammered for about 3 days straight and finally woke up nursing a vicious sun burn and severe dehydration.

Now, I am just recovering from Covid. Haven’t felt bad, just like a bad sinus cold. Still, being house ridden had its benefits. We CRUSHED content this weekend.

So we finished up some comedy backlog, Upload and God’s Favorite Idiot. Idiot started strong but flopped. Upload was solid all the way through, but then ended and I was expecting another episode, not a cliffhanger, just kind of weird.

Then I finished the re-watch of Umbrella Academy, which I LOVE. Dove into the third season and spaced it out a bit, and can say that it was just as good as the first two. However, the ending was a bit of a letdown as well.

Maybe the endings for those two shows were kinda of a letdown, because in-between I watched part 2 of Stranger Things 4.. AND it was pretty damn good, seemed to hit all the right notes. Pretty dope, actually.

Movies.. feel like we watched a few. Fell asleep to Charade, as I am doing a deep re-watch of all Murder mystery movies.

Can’t remember the other ones, but remember the highlight...

Last Night in Soho was fantastic. Then again, Edgar Wright is awesome and can say there is not a dud in his resume. Not what I was expecting. Solid twist, lovely throughout and just a joy to watch and take in every frame.

Yea.. see A LOT of content.

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