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Wednesday, March 2nd

Pretty much only one thing to discuss today..

The Batman..

Initial Thoughts

1. Everything below the line was fantastic, the technical aspects of the film were unreal.

2. The performances were fantastic and really created a totally new Batman.

3. That being said, have a feeling this movie isn’t for everyone, it’s not a crowd pleaser. Have a feeling the general audience score won’t be as kind as a critic.

4. Matt Reeves is the new Peter Jackson.. critics adore him, but he really could use a better editor. Easily could have shaved 15 to 20 mins. The “second” or third ending is not really needed and seems to lack any real stakes.

Last thing, as usually the best scene happens midway through the movie and it is EPIC. It feels like the climax of the film, but you know it’s not cause there is so much else going on.

All that being said, still really enjoyed the movie and want to see it again.. there is sooooo much in every frame.

Enjoy your Hump day..

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