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Tuesday, May 17th

First off.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my other half, the mother to Oxley, Kirk, and Hurley, my wife.

Here is something new... Some questions for you to ask yourself today.. and see if they help. I am will provide my answers..

1) How do you feel currently, for real?

Excited -- wifes birthday today.. good food on deck and a bit nervous, but we can talk about that tomorrow.

2) What currently taking a lot of space in your mind right now?

A whole lot of a little things.. like how did I miss that sitter last night in my over 30 mens league game last night.. to is my wife going to like her gift.. to is Stranger Things going to be any good? 

3) What do you wish you could have/ find to help you move forward?

Not a whole lot, do I wish things were better, sure. But I am fortunately and thankful for everything I have.

Alright Enjoy your Tuesday!! 

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