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Tuesday, September 6th

I think this still counts, as yesterday was a holiday, so I am still on track for a board every day of September! 

MAN had a fantastic content weekend.

Not only did we get loads done, but had one of the best double features in recent memory.

Started with Everything, Everywhere All at Once.

It was fantastic. My favorite movie in a long time. Had me laughing, crying, cheering, and threw in some of the most batsh#t crazy action scenes I have seen in a long time. Just a true treat. I had heard good things, so I went in with high expectations and it did not disappoint.

Then we finished Partner Track as an enjoyable break from the serious, before checking out NOPE.

And it was great as well, love that Peele is trying new things. This is not a horror movie, but just an entertaining action thriller. Loved it as well.

Also finished Final Girls Support Group, and it was great. Excited to see the show and read some more of his work. Light fun read.

Enjoy your short week.. BIG week for the fam.. fingers crossed.


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