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Wednesday, August 10th

Enjoyed a passage from the book I am reading, the Harlem Shuffle. Mostly because I love the idea and never heard of it before.

The British called this wakeful interval the watch, Professor Simonov explained, and in France it went by dorvay. You went over your accounts, whatever they may be—reading, praying, lovemaking, attending to pressing work, or overdue leisure. It was a respite from the normal world and its demands, a hollow of private enterprise carved out of lost hours.

While the actual term is dorveille, the idea immediately took me. As apparently our bodies used to sleep in two phases, once at dusk till this period, the watch, and then again till morning.

(Again from the book..) Several famous historical figures wrote about his period and enjoyed it. Benji Franks revelled in it, walking around his house naked and sketching his ideas and concepts.

The More you know!!! 

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