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Wednesday, August 17th

Around this big marble we go, and sometimes I just really do not see how something comes together so so badly..

I meant to do this on Monday, but then things like they always do came up. So now I am here today and ready to go.

Secret Headquarters? Was this a blatant attempt to make something SOO bad? It would be good. Like we know the premise is thin, and Jesus these kids can’t act for sh#t so lets just REALLY lean into being bad. We are going to throw cliche after cliche at you, while trying to make pop culture references that are 5 years too late, and pepper in some of the worst dialogue I have ever heard in a movie. I mean, I guess, since I actually finished the movie, they keep my interest for two hours, but what in the name of all H$ll did I watch? 

I am SHOCKED that there were positive reviews of this movie, maybe the critic’s screener was different from what I saw, but geez. I usually like any kids action movie, they are usually a good time, but this was bad..

Alright, rant end. Tootles.

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