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Wednesday, February 22nd

Welcome to Wednesday, ** insert generic cliche about hump day** 

Which means the return of Mr. Wednesday and his famed trivia! 

Mr. Wednesday, the floor is yours..

Mid to late 20s is a weird age. You can still pass for a teenager, but you also feel like your body is falling apart..

There is no proof that other people can’t read your mind.

** Excuse me, Wednesday, but these are not questions, more statements usually reserved for a Thoughtful Tuesday.

I am Odin, the All-Father and a prominent Norse god.. who are you? A sniveling bald human has no right to tell me what to do..

Ok, guess today is Tuesday, and Mr. Wednesday you may continue.

Growing overweight is, in part, due to having an efficient, survival-oriented metabolism.

Taking a poop is one of life’s most common activities, yet the least discussed..

** alright that’s enough.. And not sure where you are living, but poop discussions are common around this household.

And I hope everyone enjoys your Tues... I mean Wednesday.

Trivia Answers: