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Wednesday, July 27th

Taking a quick break today to check in on everyone.. also to have a Thoughtful Wednesday. Mostly because I want to do a thoughtful something and probably will not get around to it tomorrow, as Ox and I have the date after summer camp.

So here are some interesting thoughts to stir around in your mind blender..

3am feels way more like the middle of the night than midnight.

If you are unfortunate enough to go blind, whatever decade you lost your sight is the fashion you still think people are wearing.

People usually associate fast-food workers with being lazy (not me), but fast-food restaurants thrive off you being too lazy to cook.

Most super heroes exist because of the loss of a loved one. Their mission is to prevent others from suffering their same fate. However, they are also really just eliminating the competition by making sure it does not create more heroes in the same way.

Technically speaking, Tomorrow never comes.

What’s the deal with Wolverines baby teeth? Shouldn’t he have like two sets of teeth?

Why did Donkey assume Shrek owned a waffle iron?

And on that pearl, I am LEAVING.

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