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Wednesday, June 29th

With Ox man enjoying the pool, he’s getting home later in the day, and it allowed me to write my DAILY board! 

However not sure how much I have left, not feeling great. But I am soldiering on.

Only one thing to talk about.. Only Murders in the Building. It’s back.. and just gonna try something new..

Top Five Questions from the First Two Episodes.. Semi-Spoilers ahead..

  1. Why was Bunny wearing their merch??
  2. What happened to the original Tied Dyed Hoodie Guy? 
  3. Are they REALLY this dumb? No Gloves AND stealing clothes out of the Dead women’s closet??
  4. Can we get a trailer for the Brazzo’s remake? 
  5. Will Amy go full method and bang Charles??

Bonus - So Was his dad an actor? Or just a giglo? Oh, and is Bunny’s mom and the artist really the same person???

Trivia Answers: