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Wednesday, March 30th

It's been like 3,000 days since the US has qualified for a World Cup... So tonight is quite possibly the night. I don't know about you, but I am excited.

Trivia? Ok you talked me into it.

Name a team that qualified for the World Cup YESTERDAY, I think there were four or five of them. Minus points if you name the one, he who must not be mentioned plays for.

Give me the first names of the brothers Bridgeton from the Netflix show.

If the Playoffs started today are the Lakers in it? What about the Hornets? 

Which two animals are said to represent optimists and pessimists in the stock market?

Who wrote the novel "The Hunt for Red October"?

What is the alternative name of "Rock, Paper, Scissors"?

What is the literal translation of the Greek word "Utopia"?

Alright! That's enough! Enjoy!!!!

Trivia Answers: