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Wednesday, May 25th

You ever do something for the first time in a long while and about 10 minutes in you remember, oh I really don’t like this.

So that happened to me, there is such a thing as TOO big of screen. Or maybe it’s the Dome Screen on a movie that is not made for it. I did really enjoy Top Gun and actually want to see it again. The action sequences were, as expected, unreal on that massive screen. You felt the speed and everything looked and sounded great. However, any time over one person was on the screen, they had a rounded weird un-natural look to them. And with the screen being so f-ing big, you couldn’t even see both sides at the same time. I mean, I will never complain about Jennifer Connelly’s face being 100 foot tall, but 60-year-old Tom, shirtless on the beach, I think I could have done without.

The movie itself is a whole lot of fun. Not a full legacy sequel, but did enough to make it not feel like a cash grab. I also love that they didn’t get into too many details. The enemy is un-named and not even specified geographically. They clearly chose this, so they did not limit the international box office. The bad guys don’t fly Migs or anything known.. just fifth generation fighters. The movie, at its heart, it’s a lovable 80s action movie. Which I grew up loving, wrapped in a visually stunning edge of your seat shiny new package.

So ya, go see if on a BIG, but not domed big screen and let the nostalgia just sweep all over you.

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