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Railroad: Write about a train and its cargo or passengers
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Castor enjoyed his daily commute, unlike most people who were stuck in traffic for hours, he could move freely about the train car for the hour or so from his parents home in Westchester, to his first job in the city. Like most recent graduates he had longed to dive into the city life, but in today's climate and in the middle of a pandemic he thought it be beneficial to save money and enjoy the cushy amenities his parents home still could offer.

The way he looked it at, he wasn't missing that much these days, the city still shut down for the most part, so spending the three hours daily on the train was his daily decompression. With free wifi and a beverage cart he really had no complaints. Occasionally it would a bit crowded and he couldn't take his two seats to stretch out, but those days were few and far between. Usually closer to the weekends and sometimes he would stay in the city with a co-worker.

As the train pulled out of the station at Yonkers he remember the last such weekend, that had turned into quite an adventure, this co-worker was a several years his senior and he had heard rumors that she tended to cherry pick new hires to be her for lack of a better word sex toy for a few months. He had taken on the role after her first choices was sidelined with a serious girlfriend. He had not complained one bit. However, she was now back with her on again off again relationship with a traveling thespian.

He looked out of at the Hudson as the cars jostled back and forth, it was not the smoothest ride, but it never felt out of control. He noticed their were quite a few more people on then usually. Was it Friday already? He wondered how time seems to go so quickly yet slowly at the same time. Reminded him of something the great philosopher LL Cool J once said, "Put your hands on a hot woman and an hours can feel like a second, put your hands on a hot pan and a second can fell like an hour, It's all relative."

He loved that, Castor's love of late nineties movies definitely came from his parents. After all they named him after the dopey brother in Face Off. He still to this day never knew what his parents had been thinking when they finally revealed the origins of his name. He had hoped it would have been an epic family name or something cool. But no they just loved Face Off and thank god he wasn't a girl or he might have been named Peaches.

He chuckled to himself, how could a tenured professor and chemical engineer been so swayed by a piece of trash cinema that they named their only son after the peripheral  character? Then again it was their love for those movies that brought them together, so he guessed it did make sense. "I wonder what I am gonna tell my son or daughter about how their parents met?" he muttered to himself.

Oh she was a predatory cougar who walked an HR tightrope and I broke through her harden shell to find the wonderful women inside. Then he had to stop himself as he begin to see a future and kids with this women. It had been a few nights and one long weekend. But he had to admit he had fallen hard. He knew it was naive and stupid, but he didn't really care. I mean what is the point of being young dumb and full of cum as the saying goes. However he was not suppose to have THESE kinds of feelings, the kind of feelings we you are having far off conversations with future progeny.

Castor shook his head vigorously and diverted his gaze out the window as the say the sprawling cityscape start to fade in the distance. Night had fallen and the scene was picturesque. So many times had he tried to snap a photo to capture the the way the lights danced on the glassy surface of the bay. But nothing every capture that magic witching hour quite right. He exhaled deeply and felt a sense of serenity fall over him.

He wondered why don't more people just take the train as he drifted off to sleep.