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Airplane: Write about meeting someone on an airplane and a conversation you might have
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Airplane: Write about meeting someone on an airplane and a conversation you might have

There is moment of dread or excitement after you have boarded a plane and are sitting down at your seat, waiting for whoever is going to be LIVING in your personal space for the next few hours. If your single you are one hundred percent hoping it's someone you're attracted too. I don't care what anyone says they all harbor that secret desire to have a some sort of romantic comedy travel adventure and if that starts on the plane ride that's even better.

However as I sat their on my most recent trip, now a happily involved twenty-something, I was either hoping hung over tall man's dream, aka no one shows up or maybe just a smaller built person with their headphones in and with something to do. See since I always tend to take the window, I never wanted to get a sleeper. Yes, you get the benefit of no talking or interruptions, but you have to do these awkward plane gymnastics to get out and use the bathroom and sometimes the drink cart just slips past you.

It's like a bizarre lottery and the results are never exactly what you wanted, but most of the time surprisingly passable. Since Covid, I was one of the few people still in the air, those flights, my weekly flight to Corporate headquarters required that I still travelled. National Security is funny that way, prefer to be in person. The early days, it seemed like I was flying private with own massive plane playground. Sure I actually had a few flights cancelled because I might have been the only paying customer, but the freedom was nice for a while. Till about six months in, to coin a phrase from Fight Club, I missed my single serving friends. They could be intimate without the strings. I mean that in non-sexual way of course as people are weird open with someone on a plane.

I was always open to listen and careful not to divulge anything remotely personal about myself, but that didn't stop my row mate from opening up. This occurrence was only exasperated by alcohol which removed any and all filters usually. That was also because he  knew there were loads of drunks and alcoholics in the world, but everyone is always able to be airport hammered. He thought it had to do with the fact that usually you never just had ONE drink at an airport, it was always a few to calm the nerves and then just one more before my flight. Which always led to them misjudging how soon they were going to board and slamming said last one.

So here we go, I have dropped my money in the slot and the wheels are spinning what am I getting today. I was happy to have my single serving friends back, the vaccine had been out for about 1 year now, and was more than 2 since the world stopped spinning and air travel was still recovering but I was starting to see the old problems of people just being dicks again. Today's flight was from DC to Denver then he was going to